Life with Sophie

This crazy girl. We've been together now for a little over seven years. I rescued her from a national rescue site when she was three months old. She was in an over-crowded shelter in Kentucky and they kept her in the cat room (or so I was told).

She was high-energy from the moment I got her and hasn't slowed down much since then. She loves to chase birds, watch the landscape, and is very protective of me. We lived in suburbia until we moved back to my hometown in Ohio. Now, she is enjoying her bigger yard, miles of farmland to peruse behind the house, and the colder weather.

She's been my solid companion for all this time. She snuggles and hugs, smiles, and makes my heart happy. Even when she gets dirty as heck and barks incessantly. A DNA test tells me she's 38% Great Pyrenees, 12% each of Chow and German Shepherd, and the rest a mix of herding dog breeds. I can definitely see a little Aussie or Border Collie in her. Can you? She does share the temperaments of many of those breeds.

I wouldn't trade her for the world. She's spoiled and so am I. How lucky I was to find her.

The day I got her.
I love snow!

Are you working, Mom?

Her favorite perch in our old house

Yes, I like mud.

Watching the cat. See the cat?

Time for night-night, Mom!