Site Organization

This blog site is organized into sections with the use of tags or labels. There are several layers of organization to the blog.

👈 The first layer is by the larger categories of posts. All seven categories are listed in the left sidebar of the website, as you see at the left or below.

There are 7 larger categories in total. Does that sound like a lot? Well, I am multi-faceted and complicated. What can I say? 😛❤

Crafty Me posts share the artsy-craftsy side of me as I explore my expanding creative life.
Eating Well highlights my path to better eating and food choices for overall health and weight loss.
Garden Gate shares my fledgling gardening adventures!
Home Economics topics help me use that college degree my parents paid for. 😲 Posts will highlight subjects such as cooking, consumer, sewing, home design/decorating, family and children, and more. These posts often cross over into other categories too. (See this post too.)
Meals and Recipes posts will share--well, meal ideas and recipes.
Simply Living represents my small town life and my attempts to live simply and authentically in retirement.
Writing Life--because, eh, I write. 

There is also a second layer of navigation that allows you to drill down deeper into a subject or to find related or crossover posts. You can find the tags or labels listed to the left of each blog post to find other posts of similar topics. See below:

And finally, if you scroll to the bottom of the left sidebar, you will find navigation tools to locate recipe posts by category or food group, as well as a listing of all tags/labels, and an archive of all blog posts by month and year. 

I hope all of this helps you to explore my blog. Welcome!