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Welcome to Simply Living...and living simply in Ohio! 

I'm Kim Jacobs, author of this blog and more. You may know me already by my fiction pen name, Maddie James.. I'm a writer, blogger, amateur photographer, sometimes artist, and everyday cook. Come along this ride with me to learn more about my ideas for simply living -- dialing back the crazy, stepping off the plane, and stopping to smell the corn field. 

I'm glad you stopped by!

Every good blog or website, they say (whoever the proverbial they is) should have an About Me or Biographical page. I suppose that's true for this blog too. Rather than provide a lengthy bio or who I am, my accomplishments, tidbits about my personal and work life (which actually you will find out if you read this blog) and so on, how about I list a few important fun facts?

I'm a writer. At the heart of me, that is who I am.
I also worked in education for 40+ years.
I hold two college degrees.
I am a mother and a grandmother. A daughter and an aunt. A sister.
I write.
I am a published author.
I've written/published over 50 works of fiction (short stories, novellas, novels)
I've written/published more non-fiction than I can count, including blog posts, grants, journal articles, academic book chapters, books, and curricula.
I've published one book of poetry.
I love to create. I love ideas and planning.
I love art. Wacky, whimsical art.
I love architecture, photography, and furniture, and old houses.
I'm fairly introverted. I would rather be home than anywhere.
I possess empathic tendencies.
I write.
I don't care if I ever get on another airplane as long as I live.
I crave peace and quiet.
I often do not turn on the TV. For days.
I dislike and avoid drama.
I get twitchy if I am not writing.
I need coffee. Every. Morning.
I am up early. Every. Morning.
I'm a carnivore.
I dislike politics.
I write more than I read.
I cook.
I am gluten intolerant. Lactose sensitive. And nightshade vegetables don't like me.
I use coupons and buy store brands.
I watch for sales.
Otherwise, I shop like a man. (In, out, get 'er done.)

So there you go. Snippets of me.
Yes, there is all that. In short, there is also this:

Kim Jacobs is the author of numerous works of fiction and non-fiction. She writes non-fiction mostly under her given name, and fiction under the pen names of Maddie James and Sophie Jacobs.

Kim has possessed a creative spirit since she was a young girl growing up in Ohio farmland, where she liked to draw horses and read about girls who lived on ranches, and where she learned to sew and took piano lessons. She took every art course in her high school but eventually studied Home Economics in college, earning a Bachelor of Science in Vocational Education, followed by a Master of Science in Education.

Kim worked for 20 years in public school systems as a Home Economics teacher and early childhood specialist, before moving into non-profit education work where she directed education programs and headed up the professional development and publishing wings of the organization. Along the way, she honed her writing style and found her voice with the written word, whether the piece was non-fiction or fiction.

For nearly six years (while also working in education) she owned her own publishing company and worked with up to 80 authors to jump start or advance their writing careers. Kim has written academic books, chapters, articles, and curricula. At the time of this writing, she has published (to date) 58 works of fiction, from short stories to novels. Her current works-in-progress include: a book on writing, books 4 and 5 in a time travel series, 2 western romance novels, a paranormal YA series, and well, more.... (Ideas and finding stories are not a problem). She just completed writing the 30-year history of the non-profit organization for which she worked for 20 years.

As Kim approaches retirement, her life has come full-circle. Living back in Ohio farmland, she's recapturing her love to create and looking forward to doing that on a full-time basis. A child of the 60s and 70s she seeks to reclaim her open-ended, free-spirited mentality and strives to live her life daily being thankful for the good work accomplished in the past, and living simply and creatively in the present and future.


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