About this Blog

This blog.

It's not my first blog or website. I have a few. If you poke around enough here you will likely uncover those. But Simply Living is quickly becoming my favorite blog because I am doing my own thing. As they say, I'm doing me.

This blog is for me and about me, my life, my every day living, my world. How I live, how things have changed for me in the past couple of years, how I do things, and how I exist on this small patch of Ohio farmland I call home.

Simply Living. And living simply in Ohio. Yes, that's me.

I've reached the stage of my life where I want to simply live, and live simply. I've made some huge adjustments recently and more are on the horizon. You can read more about me here. I've lived corporate America, ran that rat race, juggled flights and hotels and restaurants and business meetings and conference calls and signing contracts--all from my phone and while on a plane, at dinner, in my hotel room, at the airport. I'm soon to be done. Need to be done.

I've longed to simply be at home. This slightly empathic introvert has battled and endured people and crowds and meetings and situations for way too long. I know my mental and physical health suffered from this chaos and in part, this blog is an attempt at the opposite.

It's time to stop the madness.

Cut the chaos.
Halt the insanity.
Cue peace and quiet and waking up without the alarm.

I am through chasing the clock. I no longer want to wake and look out my hotel window to study the landscape to know what city I am in.

Oh, those look like the Sandias. I must be in Albuquerque. 
Is that Capitol Hill? Guess I'm in DC.
Mountains? Denver?
Saguaro cactus? Phoenix or Tucson?

I want to wake up every morning and see the sun slowly creeping up over a soy bean field out my front picture window, and I want to see that same sunrise every day...

...and witness the same cotton candy sunset every evening.

Until I don't. I do love travel, I won't mislead. But my future travel will be of my own choosing and own my own timeline. I still have 11 U.S. states to visit and a few foreign countries on my bucket list. Let's see if we can do this simply, too.

There are a number of things that have contributed to my new quest.

In part, I'm doing this for my health, emotional and physical. The other part is for family.

My mother passed away in 2016. In 2017, it seemed my father might benefit from some additional support, and although I thought he might push back to this idea, (as independent as he is) he agreed. I moved back to Ohio after living away for 43 years. I sold my house in Kentucky, made arrangements with my day job to work remotely, moved into my grandparents' home just 300 steps away from my dad, and have been slowly transforming my life ever since.

Change is good. And sometimes change is difficult in ways you don't anticipate, or even realize at the time. I have had some adjustments to make--my dad too. But the bottom line is that  I want to be his support when he needs it.

I want to simply live, and live simply. If there is a theme to this blog, that would be it. Whatever that entails, is fair game for content.

I've balanced (or tried to) two careers simultaneously for the past 30 years--my work in education and my writing career. I am now ready to write. Period.

So I will write.

This blog.

And more.

Please note--this is not a blog about minimalism or being a minimalist. 

That's not me, nor is the focus of the content here. Please don't confuse my version of simply living, or living simply, with the art of being a minimalist. I have no desire, or goal, to live that lifestyle. I could show you a picture of my garage and you would understand why. :)

I collect. It's part of who I am. And as I have rolled into my sixth decade of living on this earth, my collections are starting to make sense to me. They are more than just things, they are life. My life. They are art. They are me.

They make me happy.

Still, I strive to live simply and simply live.

And that is simply fine with me.