What I have in the refrigerator: Beef and vegetables

I may have to come up with a fancier name for this, if the recipe turns out to be a winner. 🤪

We've all done this, right? Stare into the refrigerator with no plan, and wonder what to cook today? This was me (not me), earlier.

It's getting near grocery shopping time and today, which is a Saturday, is a good day to take stock and see what's what--as in, what needs to be cooked and what is the end product going to be?

Here's what I had in my refrigerator about an hour ago that presented potential:

  • Stew beef, already cut into cubes
  • carrots
  • onions
  • celery
  • garlic
  • ginger root
  • spinach
  • eggs, fresh and hard boiled eggs
  • coconut milk
  • applies
  • lemons
Plus, I have a host of condiments and spices available, and other items in the freezer and pantry if needed.

Can I make lunch from this? From any combo of this? The beef had been thawed and was a "cook now" situation. The fresh vegetables were still fine and freshish, but also in that "cook soon" category. 

So I made the decision and pulled these items out to get started:
  • the beef
  • onions
  • celery
  • carrots
  • garlic
  • spinach
A plan was forming in my head. I pulled my trusty wok pan out of the cabinet, then:

1. Rough chopped two sweet onions and 6 cloves garlic
2. Sauted onions in olive oil in wok pan until tender. Added garlic and sauted for only a minute or so to release oils (until I could smell the garlic cooking). Removed from wok.
3. On med high temp, browned beef chunks until about half cooked. Removed from wok and put with onions.
4. Meanwhile, chopped carrots and celery. Moved both to the wok. Stir-fried them for a few minutes to get them started cooking, slightly tender. Added approximately a cup of water and let simmer.
5. Added back in beef and onions.
6. Note: As each item went into the pan originally, they were salt/peppered.
7. Check to see if there was enough liquid. If not, add a little water.
8. I added approximately 1/8 t. ginger, 1 t. each salt and pepper, 2 t. rosemary, crunched in my hand before tossing in, and a couple of dashes of Kitchen Bouquet, mostly for color.
9. Lower heat, simmer with lid on wok but vented (I always stick a wooden spoon between pan and lid to let some moisture escape.
10. Once carrots are fork tender, add in 2-3 handfuls of fresh spinach, stir into the mixture, and let them cook down from the heat of the dish. Cover and put heat on lowest temperature for about 5 minutes. 

You are now done! 

This could be great over rice. Since I'm dialed into Whole30 for about three more weeks, I didn't go there. 

I'm very happy with the results. Tasty!

There you go: Tasty Beef and Vegetables ala Kim. Enjoy.