Eating Well: Whole30 Prep

Beautiful fresh produce
My Whole30 launch is approaching. Monday, January 6 is the day. Time to get ready.

A big part of Whole30 preparation is making sure you have the right foods in the house. This is actually a fun part for me! I love planning and grocery shopping, so this is not a chore or a challenge. The challenge will be the successful execution of the plan--but that can't happen, unless I'm properly prepared.

I want to leave nothing to chance, or risk not having what I need at home. I live in a rural area and work from home, so I can't pop over to Kroger easily, or hit up Trader Joe's on my way home from work. I need to plan and purchase ahead--and properly store my goods. I know myself--if the right foods aren't handy or available--I am going to reach for the wrong food.

So first step? Get the wrong foods out of the house. Yesterday, I cleaned out my refrigerator and pantry and removed anything that would cause me issues. My dad benefited from some extra gifted goodies! For items that I need to keep, because other people who may eat here might need it, I moved to the second refrigerator in the garage and the backup pantry in the laundry room.

Out of sight, out of mind, I hope.

So, with refrigerator and pantry clean and nearly empty, it's time to grocery shop!

Near empty!
First--I made my list. I used my Whole30 books, guides, the website, and cookbooks to make a list of the necessary foods and ingredients I needed for a good start.

Next, I checked my Kroger store app for sales and digital coupons, and also checked my clipped (paper) coupons. Saving money on food is like a game to me!

List and phone app in hand, I'm ready.

Here's my haul!

  • fresh produce
  • frozen vegetables
  • frozen berries and fuits
  • oils and vinegars
  • organic beef (note the sales!) and chicken
  • omega-3 eggs
  • canned tuna and salmon
  • nuts
  • ghee
  • some oils and vinegars
  • almond and coconut milk

You can see the details in the pictures!

Yes, there is some gluten-free pasta hiding in the back. Darned box jumped into my cart. I won't be using that for my Whole30 month, however. I bought it because 

a) it was on sale, and 
b) I had a digital coupon. 

Enough said.

Let's do this!

Next up: Prepping for meals.