Eating Well: "I'm tired of feeling crappy."

"I'm tired of feeling crappy."

I said those words to a friend at dinner the other night. She was talking about starting up the Whole30 plan again in January and her suspicion that casein in cheese was a problem for her.

I was lamenting my gluten intolerance and my recent reading of The Plant Paradox. We talked about diets, food elimination, exercise, and a whole lot of other things that closely relate to food or weight or diet.

The conversation stuck with me.

"I'm tired of feeling crappy."

I said those words again to my physician this afternoon. I was in for a HRT check-in and a suspected UTI. We talked diet too. We're checking my cortisol levels and trying to regulate my testosterone and estrogen after being severely overdosed with T (by another physician, another story...) a few years earlier.

The side-effects were close to devastating. It's taken me almost four years to recover.

My hair started thinning, falling out.

I fought deep acne for months.

My weight fluctuated and still is on the upswing.

I developed the menopause belly.  :/

I'm always tired.  (but my thyroid levels are in great shape--yes, I am on meds)

My digestive system is a mess. Heck, I'm a mess. Even when I feel like I have it together.

Gluten is a known issue for me. At times, I trick myself into thinking that "just a little gluten will be fine." Um, no. It doesn't work that way. I know better and now I need to get serious about it.

My physician suggested today that lactose may also be a problem and we discussed elimination of foods and how to do it.

I told her I'd been doing some research lately about diet -- The Plant Paradox and Whole30 most recently; the Hormone Reset diet, and also Intermittent Fasting.

Without endorsing any of them, she indicated that any of those may have merit. The direction I go is up to me. I'm digging in for more research.

I'm 63. I'm tired of feeling crappy. And I need to fix this now.

Stay tuned.

I feel a new project coming on for the new year, and this time, I think the project is me.

How are you feeling lately?