Eating Well: My Whole30 Decision

Hello, it’s me. Yeah, I’ve been a little remiss in posting in the Eating Well category. I can sum it all up with one word--


Even though I may not have posted of late, that doesn’t mean I've not been studying my next steps in my quest to eat well. I have actually put quite a bit of thought and work into preparation so I can hit the ground running on January 6, 2020.

Why January 6, you ask? For one, it’s a Monday, and I always seem to do better if I start things on a Monday. Secondly, I generally do not see Boyfriend the earlier days of the week. This means I’ll be eating at home and not in a restaurant for three days. Hopefully by Thursday, a day we like to eat out, I’ll have acclimated (somewhat) to this new eating plan and can adjust to the dining out scenarios.


And last, it’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks with Christmas hype and events—all including family and food—so I need a little more prep time. Plus, I always fix traditional-for-us foods on New Year’s Day, so I’ll still do that.

So, Monday, January 6 is my start day, and here is my plan and how I decided I'm going to eat differently, in order to heal my gut. (If you like, revisit this post which shared my initial research or this one which tells about me feeling crappy.)

I’m going Whole30, full speed ahead.

However, I am also going to implement some of the principles of other plans that are important to me.
  • Whole30 already addresses my needs for gluten-free eating and my suspicion of having a lactose intolerance.
  • I also need to address the idea that nightshades may be an issue for me. As suggested in The Plant Paradox, I’m going to eliminate tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and potatoes (but not sweet potatoes as they are not considered a night shade—yay for that!). 
  • Also as suggested in The Plant Paradox, I’ll avoid conventionally raised eggs and meats, GMO foods, and will choose organic as often as possible.
  • And last, I may consider adding intermittent fasting into the mix after a week or two, if I feel like it. While I hate to pile too many changes on myself, this is an easy one to pull off, generally. But, I will determine that after I feel I’m in full control of Whole30! 
Regarding The Hormone Reset Diet—honestly, this looks like it could really and truly work—but to be totally and completely honest, it’s complicated and too much for me to take on—right now. I think the Reset is a program one would need to be totally devoted to (not that Whole30 isn't, it's just simpler, at least for me), and can’t be piggy-backed with another program.

Plus, no caffeine. Um, no. I need my black coffee first thing in the morning!

So Whole30 it is, with my minor personal preferences.

I’ve bought my journal and joined a couple of Facebook Groups. I've already eliminated soft drinks totally from my diet (since Thanksgiving). There is one win! Yesterday, I started eliminating sugar. Hopefully but January 6, I will be ready to roll. 🤞😲

Now, I need to get on with the rest of my preparation.

Next task? Pantry cleaning and grocery shopping.


Interested in the day by day journal? Take a sneak peek at the preview below.