What is Home Economics anyway?

That's right. Pull up a chair and have a cup of coffee. Let's discuss this now and settle it once and for all, because some people just don't know. What is Home Economics anyway?

I know what my definition of Home Economics is—but I wondered what Google had to say, so I asked her. Google returned with a long list of links I could explore. I didn’t realize that Home Economics (or Home Ec as it was once called) was so popular. As it should be!

According to Wikipedia, the field of Home Economics “represents many disciplines including consumer science, nutrition, food preparation, parenting, early childhood education, family economics, human development, interior design, textiles, apparel design, as well as other related subjects. Other topics such as sexual education and fire prevention may also be covered (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Home_economics).”

I can tell you for a fact that in my 16-year tenure as a Home Ec teacher, I did indeed teach sex education. I did not, however, teach fire prevention. My only hope was that I did put out a few adolescent hormonal fires when I showed that child birth video….

But that’s a subject for another day.

My Bachelor of Science degree is in Vocational Home Economics Education (today they call it Family and Consumer Sciences). I focused on an Area of Concentration without a minor. A fact that, years later, I lamented when I did not have a teaching minor to fall back on when Home Economics was being eliminated in many schools. That’s another subject too. But what the Area of Concentration did was allow me to focus in on the six areas of Home Economics that were deemed to be important at the time—the time frame being from 1975 to 1979—when I attended college. (Yes, many of you were not born yet. I know. Hence, this blog.)

My six major areas of Home Ec study were: Consumer Education, Foods & Nutrition, Clothing Design & Construction, Housing and Interior Design, Child Development, and Family & Parenting Education. That covers a lot of ground, right? It sure does.

Basically, Home Economics covers all the parts and pieces of managing a home--perhaps a home like the one you see here, which is the home I actually reside in in my mind and not the one I live in.

But it's a nice home, isn't it? And daydreams are fair game, right?

I digress....

As the years rolled on I taught all of the above subjects but the areas of Child Development and Family & Parenting Education came to serve me well as I moved away from teaching and into non-profit work.

This blog theme/thread, and the subsequent publications that will come out of it (hang on, future projects!) will focus on those six areas I studied in college and have used throughout the rest of my life. I’m a pretty darned good cook, if I do say so myself. I’m an expert on parenting and early childhood development. I can DIY things around my house with the best of them. I’m an organizer and a planner. I consumer shop. And I’m crafty as hell. I mean, creative. With crafts. Not sneaky or cunning like a fox. You know what I mean. Right?

So watch for topic areas like the ones below to show up on this blog from now until forever more (this is not an exhaustive list). • Cooking • Nutrition • Home decorating • Organizing • Consumer shopping • Comparison pricing • Sewing basics • Crafts • Child Development • Preschoolers •  Parenting tips • …and more.

I’d love to hear from you too, about topics you would like for me to discuss. I look forward to your visits!

Be sure to leave a comment below and say "Hi!" so we can get to know each other. I do hope you will come back. I have popovers in the oven.... 

And finally, I'll just leave this here....