Writing Life: Your muse, creativity, and Elizabeth Gilbert

Has your muse caught hold of you lately? Off and on I read and re-read Liz Gilbert's Big Magic. I find it inspiring and creatively nurturing. Have you read it yet? I highly recommended....

Recently, I was reminded of a Ted Talk video I shared at a workshop I presented several years ago. It's a video that touched me the first time I watched it, and evidently, it touched many of the authors who were in attendance that day.

One of those authors brought it up again to me recently so I thought I would go back and rewatch. Yep. Just as fetching as the first time I saw it.

I love Liz Gilbert!

I want to share it with you. You may begin to look at your muse, and writing, a little differently.

Elizabeth Gilbert is simply brilliant. Watch this if you want to ponder things like creativity and genius, writing and art, the assumption that artistry leads to anguish and that creativity is linked to suffering, the relationship between humans and the muse, surviving your writing life after success, and more....

Watch it if, like me, you've been floundering with your writing of late. I've decided to show up.

It's nearly 20 minutes in length but it's worth it. Take 20 minutes for you today. You're worth it.