Ditch the dishwasher?

Kitchen "before moving in" picture - dishwasher would go right of sink.
Except for my beloved refrigerator, I left all of my appliances in Kentucky. While the buyers of the house attempted to negotiate for said refrigerator, I stood firm. That baby was mine.

They did, however, negotiate for my $89, ten-year-old, counter-top microwave (why?) and my twelve-year-old range. I had also purchased a used dishwasher from my ex and had planned to take it with me to the new residence--where I knew there was no dishwasher--but at the last minute switched out the older one in the house and left that one behind too. This was to satisfy the home inspection. And, I sold my washer and dryer for $80 during the community yard sale a week before I moved.

But I could store cold food products in my side-by-side, high-end, stainless steel baby, right? Yes, I could. I just couldn't do laundry or nuke nachos for a couple of weeks.

So about a week after the move to Ohio, I set out to shop for appliances. I needed a range, washer and dryer, and if I could find a good deal, a dishwasher. And lucky for me, Home Depot was having their annual appliance sale and I easily found all of the above to my liking, and at good prices. Win!

Then I had a second thought. My dad actually owned the house I'm living in--the house that my grandparents built and lived in for years. And perhaps I should actually check with him before buying said dishwasher because installing it would mean removal of cabinets and additional plumbing, etc...

I called my dad, and after a conversation, we decided to wait. I left the dishwasher behind. My heart tweaked a bit because I knew I was leaving a good deal behind. (I could have purchased for 1/2 price)

The next day, I took stock of my cabinet space and weighed what I would lose in cabinet space, vs. what I would gain by adding the dishwasher. That day, I set out washing dishes by hand.
And I haven't stopped. I could change my mind but I've pretty much decided I don't need a dishwasher. Washing dishes for one person really doesn't take up much of my time. I actually like getting my hands in the warm/hot water--I guess it feels good on my old bones. After the dishes are done, I lotion up my hands and they feel softer than ever. I actually think I keep my kitchen cleaner, wipe my counter tops and stove down more often, and generally spruce up my kitchen more, because I'm spending the minutes washing the dishes rather than quickly shoving them into the dishwasher, closing the door, and walking away.

I don't miss that. And I like the cabinet space. Not buying the dishwasher, or paying for the carpentry and plumbing saved me some cash despite the great sale. All around, this was a much a simpler solution.

I think that's a win. What about you?