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At the Garden Gate: A peek into my world of late.

It's July. Already. Where have the days gone? It's been 10 weeks since I officially retired from my day job. 10 weeks of me adjusting to being a full-time writer. I've loved every minute. It didn't take long to establish a spring/summer daily routine. I'm up early, write for a couple of hours, work in the garden/yard until mid-day, come back inside to do other "writer work" (marketing, client work, blog prep, etc.), and often, cooking. As the days rolled from spring to summer, I found my routine shifting slightly to doing the outside work earlier in the morning--the cooler part of the day--and flipping the writing until after that, generally mid-morning.
It's all good. Routines are good. I imagine my winter routine will shift a bit as the days grow cold here in Heartland, Ohio.
Today, I thought I would take you along in a stroll in my garden spot. It's nothing fancy or special--but it's my spot. I'm still learning. I get lots of advice from m…

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