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Simply Living: Seven Tips for Working from Home (when you are not used to working from home...)

You may be working from home for the first time. You might be elated by that—then again, maybe you're not so happy. Many people work remote daily and love it. Others, not so much. Our home is our sanctuary and bringing the day job home and into that sanctuary may not be welcome.

A week ago, the non-profit organization I work for instituted working from home due to Covid-19. My co-workers and I just finished our first week working from home together. During several virtual meetings, I heard comments such as being happy to see someone’s face, feeling lonely and isolated, difficulty getting motivated to work, and struggles with juggling pets and kids and maybe a spouse.
We get it. Truly, we all get it. Jimmy Fallon gets it too.

I’ve worked remotely for over two years now, setting up my workspace in my home. Prior to that, as a writer, I’ve worked from home off and on over the years. It’s not for everyone, and yet, those who love it, LOVE IT.
The fact remains that our work lives a…

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